A Run For Camp Cando

Steve Hodges to run the Lincoln 10K Road Race for Camp Cando

We are a lot of things at Astro… we are friendly, we are technical, we are customer focussed, we are hardworking and we are fun to work with. Of all the words that spring to mind, sporty isn’t one of them. We do have a budding young rugby player in Joe Wing and our very own mini Ninja in Adam. But, generally speaking – we are more Sports Relief than London 2012!

That said we do love to support a good cause whenever we can, and in the interests of doing so our MD – Steve Hodges – has decided to enter the 18th Annual Active Nation Lincoln 10K Road Race. Steve ran the Lincoln 10K race last April and managed to survive, however, he did come in behind a chap in a deep sea diving suit.

“…he did come in behind a chap in a deep sea diving suit.”

Adam our resident mini Ninja WarriorBeing the consummate, experienced and highly tuned athlete he is (by Astro standards) Steve believes that this gentle jog around this cathedral city will be a slightly accelerated walk in the park. However, having seen the photo of Steve running the last Lincoln 10K it didn’t look anything like the walk in the park he is training for. And, on the subject of training, the only thing Steve has run since the last Lincoln 10K is a bath.

“…the only thing Steve has run since the last Lincoln 10K is a bath.”

Lincoln-Road-RaceSo, with a mere 34 days of training to go, we all wish Steve good luck with his preparation, fund raising and the race itself. The Lincoln 10K Road Race is a route around the beautiful City of Lincoln and is undertaken by around 5,000 people each year. 4,999 of the entrants this year will have an appropriate training programme comprising a regular run maybe several times a week. In contrast, the only thing our hero has run since the last Lincoln 10K Road Race is a bath.

Anyway, back to the really important bit – the good cause! Through our connection with Steve Smith MBE at RIBA, our Mr Hodges has chosen to undertake this feat of human endurance for the charity Camp Cando http://www.campcando.org/.

Camp Cando logoCamp Cando is a grass roots voluntary organisation for young people with a complexity of special and behavioural needs. Every year they give a group of young people from London the opportunity to spend a life enhancing and fun week away from home in the summer. The team of helpers ensure an excellent standard of care and attention to meet each the campers’ individual needs. The week provides well deserved respite for the parents, carers and family members of these amazing teenagers.

We all wish Steve Hodges luck with the race. Last year he finished in just under 54 minutes (the diver came in just under 50 minutes) so this year I am sure he is aiming for 30 minutes!

If you would like to join us in sponsoring Steve in this event please go to his fundraising page here http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SteveHodges

I will report back with the results of the race and the fundraising.